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100 days to change your school

How many teachers does it take to change a school? How many days does it take to improve an Ofsted grade? In his presentation at The Academies Show 2016 in London, Trevor Averre-Beeson, founder of Lilac Sky Outstanding Education Services, believes there are 101 possible ways to change and improve your school, and that all it takes is co-operation and collaboration.

When it comes to school improvement, how long does it really take to turn a school around? A month? A term? An academic year? An Ofsted cycle? According to some, significant change can be achieved in just 100 days, if you, your colleagues and your pupils all work together to combat your challenges.

Erase bad habits

How many of your pupils (or colleagues) arrive at school just as the bell goes – or later? Experts say it takes 21 days to break a habit, so in less than a month you could see your school or academy’s morning routine changed for the better if you encourage your pupils to be on time and in their seats a few minutes early. Any new rules implemented in order to improve standards and attainment – such as uniform stipulations, homework frequency or classroom tidiness – must be given time to bed in, so don’t expect results immediately as your pupils adapt to the changes and learn them by rote.

Take it term by term

Three month terms are an ideal period to test new ideas and measure the changes and progress they lead to within your school or academy. Creating a sense of urgency without being too restrictive, the length of a term allows for ups and downs, successful weeks and those that hold challenges, but is still long enough to measure the effects afterwards, without feeling as though an entire academic year has been spent on achieving very little, if it doesn’t go to plan.


With just over 100 days to go until The Academies Show in Birmingham (Almost 100 at the end of the summer holidays!) there’s no better time to start thinking about how you’d change and adapt your school in three months. For tips and ideas, sign up for the show here and browse through our extensive programme for inspiration.



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