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Budget Management Success Stories – part 1

Schools save time and gain confidence with accurate budget management solution, thanks to SBS Online.

Lady Jane Grey Primary School – Groby, Leicester

Before switching to SBS Online, School Business Manager, Sally Boaden utilised spreadsheets provided by the local authority. The spreadsheets had always calculated each contract’s National Insurance (NI) separately.

“For members of staff who had more than one role, the forecasts were always wrong,” Sally explained. “For example, a single member of staff works as a teaching assistant, in the breakfast club, as a midday meal supervisor and as a cover supervisor. Their NI was always miles out.” Working with spreadsheets also posed other problems. “If I wanted to change my staff I had to add a new line on the salary spreadsheet which would then throw out my budgeting spreadsheet. I had little faith in my budgets… my figures would often change from one meeting to the next.”

Sally is hugely more confident in her budget now SBS Online is projecting her staff costs. This is largely due to the way that NI is calculated. It is worked out by employee, not by contract, and for those staff who have more than one role, the NI calculations are spread across those contracts to arrive at exactly the right figure. Sally also uses the Salary Monitor to check her payroll and ensure her contracts remain correct at the same time. “Monthly payroll reconciliation now takes me 20 minutes instead of an hour and a half.” With her renewed faith in her staff figures, Sally has been able to budget with more creativity and freedom.

“Having accurate staff forecasts has allowed me to budget for a brand new kitchen and an after school club.”


To find out more visit the SBS Online website, or follow them on Twitter.

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