The Academies Show is organised by Partnership Media Group; market leader in bridging communications between the public, private and voluntary sectors. If you would like to contact a member of the team directly, please find the contact details below:

General Enquiries, Information & Session Proposals

T: 0203 770 6646
E: [email protected] 

Exhibiting & Sponsoring

Scott Bentley
Sales Manager

T: 0161 200 8685
E: [email protected]  

Conference & Seminar Programme

Rhys Moffat
Senior Programme Manager

T: 0203 770 6593
E: [email protected]

Marketing, PR & Relationships

Simi Sapal
Marketing Manager

T: +44 (0) 203 770 6595
E: [email protected]

Event Management & Logistics

T: 0203 770 6508
E: [email protected]
Office Address: 10 Buckingham Place, London, SW1E 6HX

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