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Curiosity Club is being welcomed in schools in San Antonio, Texas!

American students have embarked on their first Challenges under the watchful eye of Curiosity creator John Gordon-Reid. John has been facilitating the introduction of Curiosity Club into 8 schools in Texas over the last few weeks where the students have really latched onto the concept and have been producing some wonderful work. Teachers and students alike have been thrilled with this unique self-directed independent learning platform and are embracing the cloud-based system with enthusiasm. Feedback from parents has also been encouraging, with one parent already begging for Curiosity Club to be extended at their school!

Curiosity Club is a fantastic resource across the whole spectrum of abilities from regular classroom use to Gifted and Talented programmes. A diverse range of schools are now implementing Curiosity Club across both the UK and the US where they are enjoying the astonishing benefits of allowing students to drive their own learning choices.


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