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Curiosity Learning Press Release

Curiosity Club, a curriculum enrichment programme for pupils aged 9-14, is being adopted in a wide range of schools around the country including some leading prep schools.

Gill Aisher, Headmistress at St Michael’s Preparatory School in Sevenoaks, was quick to grasp the benefits that Curiosity offered both to teachers and children and, as an early adopter, they are now about to launch into their 3rd year of use as the whole of the Y6 cohort enjoy a scheduled weekly session of Curiosity Club. She says: “We believe that the club provides a unique opportunity for our pupils to choose what they want to study and work at their own pace, as they navigate a 3,000-year timeline containing more than 1,000 images. Pupils will carry out their own research and make important connections between subjects, which is why we have decided to embed the club into our weekly timetable.”

Teachers have been able to cut back significantly on the setting and marking of homework as Curiosity Club sharpens so many of the essential skills required later in life and the children have enjoyed studying topics that they have chosen themselves. Earlier this year, the Independent Schools inspectorate report granted St Michael’s the highest possible rating and specifically highlighted Curiosity as providing ”excellent opportunities to pursue lines of enquiry into science, culture, sport, history and politics.”

Schools use Curiosity Club as an integral part of their curriculum, for an after-school club or for homework. The Curiosity programme is flexible and adaptable and now being utilised in primary and secondary schools, independent and state schools both here in the UK and in the US. Come and see us at Stand H50 to learn more about our exciting programme!


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