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Effective MAT Governance in 5 steps

From our friends at, the online community for academies and converting schools:

Governance in a MAT can be a somewhat tricky process, especially if your school has recently converted. Among the conflicts and challenges surrounding MAT governance there are many positives that can achieve. Here we list some tips that will hopefully help effective and efficient governance within your MAT.

Know your roles
Attribute roles and responsibilities between governors from the beginning. It is imperative that within a MAT people know exactly what they are responsible for, this will lead to the accountability that is needed to drive success.

Don’t Tackle Business!
Every MAT should have a dedicated legal and business team to work on these areas. If you believe, as a governor that is where your strengths lie then by all means get involved, however if not then don’t feel obliged!

Understand the ethos of the MAT
Every MAT will have a vision, a history and a story. As a governor is imperative that you understand this in order to ensure your school and the MAT in general are working towards the shared aim.

Work together!
To inspire joined up working and a collaborative approach make sure all governors work together. Organise meetings, catch up in a coffee shop or in school but just ensure regular face to face contact!

Get advice from other MATs
With MAT governance being different to governance within a maintained school do put some feelers out and talk to peers from across the UK (myAcademies is great for building these connections!). This should help you to strategically plan how to approach different issues with the MAT and inspire success.

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