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How To Make the Most of Your Results Data

Following the release of A Level and GCSE results to schools and academies across the country, it is crucial that schools and academies have the understanding and tools in place to make the most of this data to drive school achievement forward.

At The Academies Show in Birmingham on November 23rd 2016, Julie Swan, Executive Director for General Qualifications at OFQUAL will be delivering a presentation in Seminar 5 called ‘Qualification reform, GCSE & A Level – What is changing and what will it mean?‘. We recommend this session for headteachers and heads of department to use the information and advice gained to shape their school or academy’s teaching programme over the coming year.

Results season has generated lots of data which should be embedded into every schools improvement plan, but how can you make the most of your data and go that extra mile?

Look for Trends
When analysing data it is important to understand what you are looking for and don’t try to do too much. If you go into data analysis without a clear plan the overall picture will become unclear.

Make Time for Analysis
Ensure there is one person in your school who has the time, knowledge and skills to analyse the data effectively who can lead on data analysis. When looking at results information it is imperative to not only see the school as one entity but to also follow the individual learning path of a student through analysis.

Don’t Just look at Results
Take into account extra-curricular activities as well university choices or subject preferences for sixth form study to gain understanding of school achievement and learning paths. Perhaps also collect data on student satisfaction and parent engagement to gain a more holistic understanding of your school.

Ensure all Staff are Data Literate
It is important for all staff to gain an understanding of how to use data to their benefit, so do look towards training staff on how to collect and interpret there data. If school improvement is to occur then a solid foundation can be set through data analysis.


Don’t miss out on the exam related content at The Academies Show in Birmingham on November 23rd 2016 by registering for your free pass now.

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