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RISO helps school see things in colour

An Outstanding school used to think the printing process was black and white – until they saw the power of using RISO inkjet technology.


Birchwood Grove County Primary School, in West Sussex, has an Outstanding rating from Ofsted, but previously its printing had been far from ideal.


When items needed printing, it was straight to a costly photocopier that was unable to print in colour.


School Bursar Roger Sinclair called in RISO – and after being wowed by the possibilities that RISO inkjet printers offer, the school utilises the power of a RISO ComColor 7150.


Roger said: “The RISO is efficient because it can be plumbed into the network. It is reliable, which is a major issue in a busy school environment. And it has saved on printer ink, and costs normally associated with the more traditional printers that use toner ink cartridges, and it gives the school the chance to see the world in colour.”


And he added: “I’m very happy with RISO, the machine and the people. It’s hard to see how they can improve things.”


RISO’s cutsheet inkjet printers deliver the lowest print costs at the fastest speeds, and, because of its unique printing technology, users can add colour to printing for a fraction of the cost of competitor toner machines.


To book a demonstration, where RISO can take a demonstration to schools and academies, call 020 8236 5800 or email [email protected]

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