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School Uniforms for the 21st Century

Mansuri Schoolwear is one the leading school uniform suppliers in the West Midlands. With over 35 years experience in the industry, the company is embarking upon an ambitious programme to deliver a complete omnichannel solution for schools.


The company has invested in digital technologies over the last year so that it can provide schools with a seamless service. Sharif Mansuri, CEO:


“We want to provide schools with a complete digital solution, from the design of their school uniform, to the choice of fabrics to sales and customer service.”


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Mansuri Schoolwear has ambitious plans for the future. However it’s more than just providing schools with a uniform. Sharif Mansuri, CEO:


“For us, uniforms hold a much more deeper symbolic meaning. School is such a big part of our life. School uniforms form a part of our identity and learning experience. Children want to be part of a school’s identity, especially a school that excels. We want that ethos to be at the heart of what we do. It’s about helping children realise their learning potential, and the uniform is part of each child’s story.”


It’s an exciting vision. The Company wants to create new innovations while being driven by a very clear mission – to help every child realise their capacity to learn.


This is the first time the Company has attended an event such as this. It’s an opportunity for the Company to meet schools across the region so they can articulate their vision, and how they can supply schools with uniforms, which go beyond the traditional conventions in the industry.


You can meet Mansuri Schoolwear on Stand D46, and see how they can help your school realise its ambitions.

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