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tim coulson photo
Dr Tim Coulson
Chief Executive
Samuel Ward Academy Trust

Dr Tim Coulson has been recently appointed as the new Chief Executive to head up Samuel Ward Academy Trust, a trust of 15 schools in the west Suffolk area.

In July 2014 he was appointed as the first Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC) for the East of England and North-East London, and he was responsible for making decisions about the academies and free schools in the area.

Dr Coulson said he hoped his biggest contribution had been building relationships between different bodies involved in education: councils, academy sponsors, headteachers’ associations.

Before his appointment, Tim was Director of Education at Essex County Council. Earlier in his career he has also:

  • taught in London primary schools and was Headteacher at William Tyndale Primary School
  • led an Education Action Zone in Lambeth
  • been responsible for curriculum and assessment developments at the Qualifications and Assessment Authority
  • been National Director of the National Numeracy Strategy

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