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Trail blazers make an impact in new uniform stakes

As parents welcome the new school term and teachers prepare for the annual crackdown on uniform, here are the top five trends that are making students and teachers alike give uniforms a big thumbs up. sales manager John Adams explains the latest wardrobe staples that are making the grade for the new school term:

  1. The blazer and tie combo is enjoying a renaissance in the school uniform popularity stakes and many secondary schools are opting for a style makeover with smart colour-contrasting blazer trims and ties to emulate the public-school style.
  2. The resurgence of tartan and patterned kilts for girls makes a stylish alternative for primary and secondary schools. With kilts and pinafores in stock it’s now more affordable and is certainly no longer the preserve of public schools.
  3. Sports kit is definitely beginning to move with the times – cutting edge, layered garments in technical, performance fabrics are replacing the plain t-shirt and shorts combo. There’s also a wider choice on the school kit list for girls with more comfortable skorts and modest leggings to encourage girls to feel confident in their sports gear.
  4. Schools that are converting to Academies are often using the opportunity to smarten up their act with a whole uniform revamp that they see as impacting on the school’s reputation and perception in the community. One such example is Manchester Enterprise Academy who have transformed their uniform and turned around public perception of the school too – ( )
  5. While schools often leave the choice of trousers and skirts to individuals, many are now choosing to place logos on these garments and specify the supplier as a clever way to clamp down on the classroom battles over non-regulation short skirts for girls and skintight jeans style trousers for boys.

Says John: “Smart and distinctive school uniforms are making a real comeback as schools recognise the positive impact it has on both behaviour and students’ pride in their school.

“We work closely with students when we develop a new uniform for a school, and when they are involved in the decision-making process they invariably wear the new school brand with pride.

“We are also seeing major changes in school uniform trends which I am sure are aimed at bringing an end to the termly ritual of policing rogue items of uniform – especially short skirts and non-standard trousers.

“Teachers have so many demands on their time, that I’m sure any help in overcoming this ongoing battle will be most welcome. “

You can find out more about and new uniform trends at .


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